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Welcome to CrossFit Raw Strength, East Auckland

CrossFit Raw Strength is an East Auckland based CrossFit Box. Our group or one-on-one coaching sessions allow you to scale the standardised CrossFit workouts to suit your goals and abilities.

CrossFit workouts by definition are constantly varied, functional movements, that are done at high intensity, predominantly in a group environment – but each member has their own pace and limits.

At Crossfit Raw Strength we offer classes to cater for all ages including Crossfit Kids and Crossfit Teens. 

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Free Trial Class

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It’s an experience – but a good one. A free first session to show you how you are going to become a stronger, healthier person – bookings essential.


Free 7 day Pass

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Beginner's Course

Learn the basics to get started

CrossFit is unique - but caters to everyone. A CrossFit Raw Strength Beginner's Course is designed to show you the ropes.